Dear readers,

My name is Vladimir. I live in a Ukrainian town of Poltava.

I would like to share my thoughts with you. I support the owner of this website Yulia Ivanova in her noble attempts to clear the name of the Soviet leader Josef Stalin of false accusations, slander and all dirt that was slung at him during the last decades. In her book 'Impenetrable Doors' she tries to show Stalin from the other point of view as a person who build a great power, won the war against fascism, delivered nations of Russia from being oppressed and humiliated by worldly capital. All his life Josef Stalin struggled against people-vampires who like devil were seeking whom they may devour. Being obsessed by their lusts and thirst for money they are ready to trample and destroy everyone standing on their way. Josef Stalin managed to deliver Russia from their hands and gave all its nations an opportunity to live a worthy life. Owing to him Soviet people could get free education and medical care. He brought up Soviet people to respect work, help each other and be unselfish. The widespread vices like sexual immorality, gaming, avarice and money-grabbing were condemned and prohibited in the Soviet Union. In fact, Stalin followed God's Commandments and make Soviet people do so. He was a great statesman who dedicated all his life to serving out nation. He was a true God's messenger who built God's Kingdom in a separate country. Even now wicked people who destroyed our great country and came to power can't forgive Stalin all his good deeds for the sake of the nation. In their hatred they accuse him of all deadly sins in order to discredit his name forever.

Our aim is uniting all honest and godly people all over the world into a fellowship of Confessors of the Heavenly Law. Moral values based on God's Commandments are our priority. We invite all people who don't accept modern worldly order to join our efforts. Supporting and helping each other we will be able to survive in this world of vampires and vultures gorging our bodies and souls.

I myself can't accept present-day mode of life. Being a sight invalid I know how cruel this world is and how hard to live in it. I have decided to cooperate with the authoress Yulia Ivanova and translate her writing materials into English in order to familiarize English-speaking people with her ideas and invite all honest people and all seekers of Truth from all nations to join us. Her works will soon appear at our website one by one.

God bless,
Vladimir Glushchenko

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